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Week 51 Pool Banker Room 2023 – Pool Draws

Pool Banker Room

Week 51 banker room 2023, Week 51 Pool Banker 2023, Pool Draw This Week 51 2023 Banker Room

Welcome to Sure Bet Way weekly one banker room. The pool draws this week 2023. In this banker forum, you are required to post just your best banker or pairs or winning lines with concrete proofs and well-explained sequences backed up with appropriate references.

Please note that the selling of games is not accepted in SureBetWay one banker room any advert sales post will be deleted with effect and spam comments are highly prohibited.

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The aim of creating this forum is to enhance communication between stalkers all over the world and to share ideas towards regular winnings weekly. So whatever you post here that is not in terms of our guidelines will be deleted.


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  • Welcome to week51 admin we are in the hope week. Bank on 02
    prove right from year 2020 till date ever week of 51, have serial number to play draw
    2020 number 5
    2021 number 4
    2022 number 3
    2023 number 2

    prove for number 3 right from week48 paper code formula to draw current record 2023
    week48 purple 6xxx
    week49 brown 5xxx
    week50 blue 4 xxx
    week51 red 3xxx

    am still jack aka born to rule.

  • Week50 I drop No:07

    Week51 No:03CBK


    Wollongong W. Away game team ontop away must end Letter “C” to draw

    Reff Week48’50’51

  • Happy New Week Everyone and Happy Father’s day to all Men in the house!

    I Give out a Special Gift to you all to celebrate you !

    Put all Money on 2XBK

    PROOF: From the year 2017 every week 51… starting from 8 mark as a draw in descending order.
    Week 51 2017 8✓
    “” 2018 7✓
    “” 2019 6✓
    “” 2020 5✓
    “” 2021 4✓
    “” 2022 3✓
    “” 2023 2$


  • Week 51 bank on no1cbk✓✓✓ proof since week48 of this current australia subtract first alphabet of home and and away no20 the answer is your first draw of the week so bank on no1 full time draw this week 51. thanks and regards.

  • Week51
    5xxx hook 6xxxx
    Australia is a brain work, I have been watching this moment of Spirit fc since the Australia began. In week48
    Spirit fc and game down to pick one draw, in week49 Spirit fc and game down again, in week50 Spirit fc and game up, week51 Spirit fc and game up again.
    Admin post let every enjoy the pairs. Last week was good 36/37

  • «»«»12«»«»BANKER.

    HILL UTD @ away on vacation of NNRTHERN T. is a fixed draw

    (2) mimus- code 1 from the total numbers of draws in previous week.

    Refer; current aussie season.

    Admin sir, please post!

  • WEEK51.
    Proof wk48 play 9drw 9-1=8 wk49 x8xdrw.wk49 play 5drw 5-1=4 wk50 x4xdrw.Wk50 play 13drw 13-1=12 wk51 x12x.1million bet.

  • Happy father’s day my people.
    Congratulations for last week it ended in victory.
    This week setting: Since 2o19 odd year in Aussie season,If Manly u stay on top of MT Druit at away vs same
    letter (s) to form a pair.
    Week 51:5 wed 6
    Go and verify year 2019,2021 and 2023.
    Admin,you the best.

  • I greet the house, welcome to week 51 no 1 to draw, in week 48 soccer percentage of no1 carry no39,in week 49 percentage of no2 carry no5,in week 50 percentage no3 carry no16,then this week percentage no4 carry no1, number 1 is a draw.

  • House go an play 2*11* for two draws prov since 2019 week51 11 wil draw 2020 11 to fail 2021 11 to draw,2022 11 to fail, 2023 11 to draw, prov for 2 since 2019 week50,no 5 to draw, 5+1=6 week51 6 will draw, 2020,week50, 4 will draw, 4+1=5 week51 5 will draw 2021 week50 3 will draw, 3+1=4 week51 4 will draw, 2022,week50 no2 will draw 2+1=3 week51 3 will draw 2023 week50, no1 will draw, 1+1=2 then week51 2 will draw appreciate it through the addmin thank you

  • wk51 xx21cbkxx.prov every week51 started from 2021 add the home team first letter no one and home team first letter no fourty nine for one super draw so wk51 bank on xx21cbkxxx.admin I greet you take note.

  • 1 p 6 week 49 current mt drut vs lechdart ff spirit fc vs sutherland cbk this week 51 spirit fc vs mt druit lechard vs sutherland

  • Welcome to week 51 Australia Season!

    Boldly mark no XXXX3XXXX or XXXX6XXX to PRODUCE ONE DRAW!

    Prove for number 6,
    Spirit FC & Mt Druitt
    Subtract both first alphabet from each other.
    And both teams falls on number 6, take it a banker draw

    So XXX3XXX & XXX6XXX to provide one draw.
    or to produce 2draw!!

    Goodluck to us guys!!!

  • Welcome to week 51
    23 pair 25 for one or two draw.
    Proof since week 49 till now
    Saturday date of play to play game up and down for one draw.
    E.g Saturday date of play is 24, so the up and down of number 24 is 23 and 25 to supply one draw.

    23 pair 25.
    Thanks …

  • week51 36xxbanker>proof take opponent of inglewood in wk49 to meet stirling lions in wk51 to draw, ref last season.

  • Welcome to week 51 my super pair is this, Marconi sharing family digit with hills mark both for one or two draws
    Ref week 49 maconi 4ff Hills xx14xx
    This week Marconi xx2xx Hills xx12xx
    Congrats in advance.
    I remain Mazi Cubana

  • 6xcbk
    Opponent of Central C and opponent of Black town C of previous week to meet in current week mark it as a fixed draw in as much as Western Sydney sits under them away and they will be seen on same series with Altona Magic
    Wk 48/49 current season

  • xxxx4xxxx
    Red movement, week 47 2020
    Newcastle o vs chalsetown @ 40 failed
    Week 47 2021 weston W vs chaleswtown @ xxxxx45xxxx
    Week 47 2022 Weston w vs Newcastle o xxxx45xxxx
    Phase 2
    Week 51 2021 wollgong w vs Sydney u @ 6 failed
    Week 51 2022 Rockdale c vs Sydney u xxxx4xxx
    Week 51 2023 Rockdale c vs wollgong w xxxx4xxxx
    So number xx4xx is a fixed match

  • Week50 I drop No:07✓✓✓✓

    I replace banker with No:07CBK

    Proof since week48
    Sydney Utd away game under draw
    Sydney Utd home game ontop draw

    Week51 XXXX 07 XXXX
    Sydney Utd home game ontop draw

  • Week 48
    Stirling L – Inglewood.. 37 FF

    Week 49
    Inglewood – Athena.. 34 FF

    Week 51
    Stirling L – Athena.. 36 ??

  • Week51-
    Last week went well as our pairs of 32/33 drew one. This week mark 2 or 3 for must draw ,reasons Leichhardt set on coupon number 1 meeting letter S , mark Marconi s and game under for compulsory draw. Cross check week 51 2022 and this week51 2023. Use it well


  • Week51 supper pairs
    23Xbk hook 24XBk
    In week48 current seasons,Caboolture
    and Capalaba on top each other,then Capalaba pick SWQ Thunder to draw , this week51 the team ontop each other again , Caboolture to pick SWQ Thunder to draw to complete the assignment . mark 23 to draw pairs 24.

  • Hello Friends and fans:here IS my final game for week51
    Proof Of xx6xx
    Sydney utd ontop bar home
    Canterbury under bar home
    Albany under bar home
    Atona M under bar home
    Then W.Sydney W @away to play one up unto Spirit FC AT home as draw.
    To confirm it as draw Spirit FC must draw in same family séries with Atona M AT home.Ref:week 49 and 51 current

  • Xxxx12xxxX.
    CANTERBURY TO SET AT AWAY IN EVEN WEEK.. ON THE SAME FAMILY NUMBER WITH BRISBANE R AND OLYMPICK K…. Canterbury to win 0-2 ft correct score…(wk48 and 50).
    Following odd week,(wk49-51), CANTERBURY to set under the bar home…PERTH GLORY to set at number35 home..
    Oponent of Canterbury to meet NORTHERN T in previous even week
    While oponent of Perth glory to meet cockburn in same previous even week to draw…
    In current week, HILLS UNITED to enter previous vacated position of Northern T to draw versus advance away team no14..(wk49 and 51).
    To confirm, take Hills United and it’s oponent to previous week- their two oponent to meet in current week..
    Wk 48-49-50.

  • Week51
    Single xxx2xxx

    Mt druit position in week48 to draw in week50

    Mt druit position in week49 to draw in week51

  • I have 6,46 as pairs, prove in capital paper at back page the game at three bold numbers taken to the front page carry x in week50 9and19 then 19 draw this week51 6and46 for one

  • WEEK 51 RED


    This pair comes courtesy of number movement sequence since 2016 to date. Every week 51 since 2016 the following numbers continue to produce 1 draw and this week 51 2023 will not be an exception. See the reference weeks below:

    Wk 51 2016/17 8xxxxpair18fff
    Wk 51 2017/18 7xxxxpair17fff
    Wk 51 2018/19 6xxxxpair16fff
    Wk 51 2019/20 5xxxxpair15fff
    Wk 51 2020/21 4xxxxpair14fff
    Wk 51 2021/22 3xxxxpair13fff
    Wk 51 2022/23 2???pair12????

    It is here for you to decide and I pray it delivers for the benefit of everyone. Admin, na you dey bless humanity with this your platform. Remain always blessed too for he that watereth shall be watered.

  • 8
    I’m glad to be back after a short break occasioned by unforeseen circumstances.
    With that been said, the proof of my pair comes from SAF paper and it states that since the inception of this current Aussie season, add code two (+2) to the first letter of LOTTO SEQUENCE and subtract code two (-2) from the second letter of same spot, your answer to form a life pair reference WK 49,50,51,2023.

    Prove one:
    S. Raiders ontop bar home, it’s opponent 1st letter to draw Dulwich h. @ away. Ref. week 49 current.

    Prove two:
    Since the season (Aussie), 1st game @ editor’s top 2 to fail and draw the following week.
    Eg. week 48 14 fail
    Week 49 14XXX
    Week 49 29 fail
    Week 50 29 XXX
    Week 50 9 fail
    Week 51 9 CBK
    Prove three
    Since the season (Aussie), the spelling of ADELAIDE U. from your right is giving us draws.
    Eg. U – 21 ✓ week 48
    E – 5 ✓ week 49
    D – 4 ✓ week 50
    I – 9 CBK week 51
    A – 1 week 52
    L – 12 week 1
    E – 5 week 2
    D – 4 week 3
    Admin please approve for all to benefit. You can also try it’s four down for 2 draw 9 & 12 2/2.

  • Week 50: 01xx Weds 21xx (2/2)

    Week 51: 06xx Weds 24xx

    Week 49; Wolves fc vs Western p. @24ff
    Week 50:5+0=5(mt.druit t); Capalaba vs Wolves @21xx.

    Week 51; 5+1=6(mt.druit.t)
    Western p vs Capalaba @24xx

    Marconi’s vs Apia Leichhardt xx
    Central c vs Spirit ff

    Blacktown c vs Central c ff
    Spirit fc Mt.druit t @ 6xx.

    So, 06xx Weds 24xx

    Good luck!
    * It is ( Mt.druit.t vs Blacktown c ff) and NOT Marconi s vs Apia Leichhardt*

  • Last week 50 banker

    Week 51
    A continuation of last week prof from big win soccer,
    On the third week that same spot where we got 7xxx last week,
    25 is there this week,
    Simply subtract 10 from it, the answer is a draw

    Week 51
    admin please take note.

  • *9xxx 16xxx*

    *Week 48*
    S. Raiders @away @16ff❌

    *Week 49*
    S. Raiders @home @14xx✅
    S. Raiders vs Hills Utd @14xx✅
    First letter of the opponent of S. Raiders is H=8 ( Dulwich H will be there to draw 8xx✅)
    it must carry 17% in soccer percentage section

    *Week 50*
    S. Raiders @away @14ff❌

    *Week 51*
    S. Raiders @home @16xx✅
    S. Raiders vs Inter Lions @16xx✅
    First letter of the opponent of S. Raiders is I=9 ( Dulwich H will be there to draw 9xx✅)
    it must carry 17% in soccer percentage section

    Good luck

  • WEEK51
    Second time movement, check week48 and this very week51, when Leichhardt set home number 1 meeting letter S , mark with authority number 2 draw. Second proof is from final result paper uder Formula X 407 scoretable game 21 to occupy by number in any red week is draw.
    Blacktown C vs Marconi S
    Score draw

  • XXX 16 XXX

    Week 48
    Hills – Inter Lions… 12 FF

    Week 49
    SD Raiders – Hills… 14 XXX

    Week 51
    SD Raiders – Inter Lions… 16 XXX

    Good luck

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