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Week 5 Pool Banker Room 2021 – Sure Pool Banker This Week

Week 5 banker room 2021, Week 5 Pool Banker 2021; Pool Draw This Week 5; 2021 Banker Room

Welcome to Sure Bet Way weekly one banker room. The pool draws this week 2021.

In this banker forum, you are required to post just your best banker or pairs or winning line with concrete proofs and well-explained sequences backed up with appropriate references.

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Please note that the selling of games is not accepted in SureBetWay one banker room any advert sales post will be deleted with effect and spam comments are highly prohibited.

The aim of creating this forum is to enhance communication between stalkers all over the world and sharing ideas towards regular winnings weekly. So whatever you post here that is not in terms with our guidelines will be deleted.


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  • I thank God for the new beginning and I pray this season will be a better one.
    Week 4,2021 = 16ff-35xxx-48xxx-23fff-24xxx 3/5.

    I have a long waited key I came across this week 5 and its two weeks operations and it brings 5/5.

    Anytime Doncaster meets AFC Wimbledon on coupon, Mr. Fleetwood will be under it home or away to draw and Doncaster to fail + 4 others. The following week Doncaster must be at away to draw + 4 others.

    Week 5= 18xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx.
    Week 6= xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx.

    Week 19,20!8/20!9
    9xxx-!9xxx-26xxx-38xxx-39xxx 5/5.

    Week 20,20!8/20!9
    !5xxx-23xxx3!xxx-39xxx-40xxx 5/5.

    Week 36,20!9/2020
    !4xxx-28xxx-38xxx-32xxx-33xxx 5/5.

    Week 37, 20!9/2020
    3xxx-!0xxx-20xxx-25xxx-26xxx 5/5.

    Note- you will get the complete game on Thursday morning. Enjoy

  • Welcome to week 05. Thank God for my pair week 04 that delivered 2/2. Week 05 dependable pair 32 pair 37.
    Prove of 32 since week 01 count numbers of draws played following week from 49 up where it stop play game down. Last was 19drws count up will meet 31. Then bank on 32 as ur banker.
    Prove of 37 week 03 look at front of capital u will see numbers infront of capital count four down will meet 44 to die in week 03 to play in week 04. Last week 37 was located wen u count four down to fail to play dis week as ur chief banker. XX32XX PAIR XX37XX.

  • Greetings to everyone here am new and I love 12X admin I hail you, you are if not the best.pleaes Post this game for all to see 2*17*18 are 3/3 this week 5. Proved only on brown coupon mancity at number 1 away look for the opponent of Southampton to meet mancity when next mancity enter number 1 away date of play to fall in first setting mark date of play in second setting (week 33&41 last season) (41 to 5)

  • I welcome you all English/Scottish 2021/2022

    Am here to be dropping 10weeks two pairs for 2/4

    With one banker

    1st alphabet opponent of Ayr utd

    Reff Week01,03,05

    Banker XXXX 01 XXXX

    37 pair 43 =1/2 must
    41 pair 45 =1/2 must

    All 3/5

    Till next week.

  • My banker this week is 17
    Proof throughout last season when u see Rochdale @ 28 away bank o. A Wimbledon @ away
    2nd proof
    Week 4 2019/2020
    Doncaster vs Gillingham @ 17 cbk
    17*2 = 34 it’s locates scrunthope vs Swindon @34

  • ¤¤¤¤ 25 ¤¤¤¤¤DRAW NAP¤¤10¤¤¤25¤¤¤44 PROVES”Falkirk at no 49 home to promote 3 draws (1)birmingham at away to 1up=10 is a draw(2) carlisle at home to draw=25 and 44 by number,pls admin approve,thanks

  • Greetings to the entire house, is the turn of 41XXX P 42XXX to give us two or one possible draw. Serial no 1 & 13 of treble chance 16 of front page of capital been serial no is a pair for one draw must. Ref last week among others.
    Check out discussion room for for my one banker with possible correct score.

  • Welcome back to English season week 5 (1cbk) prove Capital front page cannot draw has been playing draw since week 2,so play n win good luck,Admin please approve.

  • wk6,38hooks40, reason:wk4,motherwell vs hibernian no.5 failed, ross co vs st.j’stone no.6 drew, this wk5, hibernian vs ross co no38 and si.j’stone no 40=pair..

  • Good afternoon my people i welcome everyone with 26bk this new season.

    Prove…. Since last year cup add the first letter of Leicester and opponent to play one game down. This week is Leicester vs mancity L+M will amount to 25 to fail and play 26fixed

    26 is fixed

  • *****41**””” full-time draw

    Opponent of Celtic to draw with St mirren. Wk05 Celtic vs Dundee in wk04 Dundee vs St mirren drew. Now opponent of Celtic in wk06 is Hearth to draw with St mirren this wk05.

  • Welcome to week 05 my banker this week is no30 must proof since year 2015 till date every week 05 add first letter at home and first letter at away team no31 the results is your full time draw so this week at home and away number thirty one is N=14 P=16 =30must thanks and regards.

  • Mark {19xx√√}
    Each time READING set at No.12 Away last season, CRAWLEY was mandated to project it’s family serie UP as full-time draw.
    WK10: 26xxxCBK
    WK12: 28xxxCBK
    WK20: 26xxxCBK
    WK05: 19xxxCBK(Current).

  • This week5 nap 05…..15……24…..The setting of Carlisle vs Colchester on week of five,Wigan @23 to play game down and must set under Burton away, locate Peterboro to set @ digit of eight sunday date of play home or away then minus code 3 from it’s position to draw..Locate Birmiiningham vs letter ‘S’ to meet @11 depending if is home or away (+-) code 4 to meet letter ‘S’ to draw….refer week15,2020/21 & current week…Nap 05…..15……24…….good luck.

  • Welcome you all to 2021\2022 season
    week33 2020\2021
    man city at number one away on brown the alphabet together is 14 plus millwall position is at 13 =27cbk millwall to draw 13cbk 29cbk by number
    13xx27xx29xx 3\3

    week41 2020\2021
    man city at number one away on brown the alphabet together is 14 plus millwall position is at 7 =21cbk millwall to draw 7cbk 29cbk to draw by number
    7xxx21xxx29xxx 3\3

    week5 2021\2022
    man city at number one away on brown the alphabet together is 16 plus millwall position is at 10 =26cbk millwall to draw 10cbk 29cbk to draw by number .
    10xxx26xxx29xxx 3\3

  • For week 5,2021 full UK season let’s NAP 07-17-40 as per our sure 3/3.
    Proof is nice and simple, because we just have to mark numbers -07-17-&-40- by number on coupon whenever number 28 is the digit number on the second spot in the first column of SAF Hi-score Quiz, so for references we can check weeks 44,12,&,05,2020/2021 season.
    I may be new here but I’m not new to accurate pools punditry, so be on the lookout for name ‘CELTIC CHARIOT’ for your maximum winnings this season. greetings to the boss of the house, please approve this post, God bless everyone.

  • Wk5 Bet=03*22*34=3/3
    Ipswich vs Morecambe No:20
    Shrewsbury vs Burton A. No:22****

    Wk6 Bet=26*??*??=3/3
    Burton A. Vs Ipswich No:22
    Morecambe Shrewsbury No:26****

  • 10***pair 30*** prove special ‘x’tips for the week game 1&2 to be family number for 1 or 2 draws ref.wk01,wk05

  • Good afternoon, admin. My pair for week 5 is: XX34XX p XX17XX. Prove: Cambridge advance fixtures. When game in box 1 of super pair is transferred to game 1 of best four while game in box 2 of super pair is transferred to game 4 of best four, turn to the back page & mark game in box 4 of trial sequence & 2nd family down of game in box 5 of best 5 for a pair of one or two potential draws. Ref: weeks 16, 25, & 29 last season; and week 5 current season. Good luck.

  • This is my first time ever of posting on this platform, just want everybody to have a share on this
    Firstly, I have a sure pairs that will produce a draw 37***pairs47*** *prove* week 4 which was last week, Celtic at number 4 share digit with East fife @ num 14.. winning line 4*5*18*20*30* (40**pairs41**) (19**Pairs31**)

  • Week 05 2021/22 UK season.


    Winning line: 03x10x19x37x39.

    Proof:: 39x,the appearance of soccer dead in soccer banker box is a classified draw.
    Ref,just concluded Assuie week.

    Proof:: 03x, previous capital cannot that drew in the previous week to repeat draw the current week

  • BANKER. xxx 21 xxxFTD Winningline: x6x10x21x39x41x. Prove of my banker. MAN CITY @ no1 away on brown coupon. advance opponent of WIGAN to meet PLYMOUTH @ 21 away to draw. Ref week 41 last season. Prove of my permutation. CELTIC @ family of 7 either home or away in week 5. add it opponent 1st alphabet to that of CELTIC. the answer to meet position of MIDDLESBROO. when it sit like that. mark a game ontop MIDDLESBORO. MILLWALL @ digit of zero away. LIVINGSTON @ digit of 9 and privious opponent CELTIC for a winningline. Refer week 5 2019.

  • Xxx 41 xx LIKES xx 42 xxX

    The cutting of bar between 41/42 in the week of 5’s is destined to produce 1 or 2 draws…Ref wk45 last season.

    Admin, greetings

  • Pls everyone disregard my banker 2, I just confirmed that the week6 fixture I use is incorrect. xx15xx and xx23xx is still reliable, admin pls post.

  • Thanks for your good work admin,first timer,bank strongly on number 5xbk,reason is that single number in front of soccer “This Week’s Draw Picture” if and only if it can transferred to soccer full list game 38,then it’s a goal,ref:all through last season til date.

  • Pundit Week 5 pair 4-6… banker 7xx never joke with pundit’s pair. Remember my pair will b coming every week till the season ends, week 4 pair 18xx-38

  • WK5….2021/22
    Play XXXXX40XXXXX ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️.

    WK32….2019/20 Purple.
    Ross C vs St Johnstone XXXX40XXXX✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️.
    Powered by Abroath under the bar home.

    WK33…2019/20 Brown.
    St Johnstone v Rangers XXXX49XXXX✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️.
    Ross C away, Motherwell away, 3down from Ross C to draw Motherwell at away for 2draws XXXX47XXX ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️.

    WK4….2021/22 Purple.
    Ross c v St Johnstone XXXX6XXXX✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️.
    Powered by Abroath under the bar home.

    WK5….2021/22 Brown.
    St Johnstone v Motherwell XXXX40XXXX✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️ Ross C away, 3down Motherwell at away XXXXX40XXXXX✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️ must.


  • I greet the house and admin.I have 27xxx has draw for this week .prove. week 12 2012 soccer dead ? Moves to banker box and moves to full list game 30 of capital.then go to back of soccer the hot pair any one moves to Web in page 2 is ur draw. 2nd prove since week 44 till date hot pair in back of soccer also moves to Web in page 2 is a draw. Mark 27xxx is ur draw.I remained humble.

  • 21xxx

    Let’s try it the 3rd time.

    The middle number in TIPS FOR THE POOLS at soccer research to play family up and down for 2 draws. I.e 31+10=41xxx
    And it % to complete it 3/3
    Ref last week

  • Welcome everybody in the house and admin i greet you all.
    week 5 banker is *36*
    prove! Every week 5 brown 36 to play draw sinces 2017 till date it can never fail. This is my 1st time am posting here GOODLUCK.

  • I go for 15 and 42 for two draw
    Prove for 15
    Since 2015 every two years till date
    Every week5 Mark 15 as pure draw
    Reff week15, week17, week19, and current week5 2021
    Prove for 42
    Since week1 AYR United has Been doing a great job, in week 1 it plays draw at digit of 2, in week2 it will disappear from coupon in week3 it will come back in the same digit of 2 play draw, in week4 it will disappear to come back in week5 at digit of two to do it’s work
    ××××15××××42×××× Good luck

  • Xxx22xxcbk
    Reaaon: last season:A.wimbledon vs Shrewsbury ff
    Burton A vs A.wimbledon xxx

    Current: Burton A vs Shrewsbury @22xx

    Xx22xxcbk and xx22xxcbk


  • Sorry Oga Admin, I forgot to prove my game for this week! The Nos is 07XXX HOT 46XXX. PROVE!!! When the key is set, you go to page 03 of Soccer Research, look for the ratings of 2X 0-2 if it is two they forms a pair. In week 33 22/2/2020 it was 19 and 49 it played the two games 19√√√ 49√√√
    In week 37 it was 21 and 46, it played both, 21√√√ 46√√√. Coming to this week 05 also Brown the games are 07XXX HOT 46XXX. ADMIN, KINDLY APPROVE FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE HOUZ.ADMIN, WELDON SIR!

  • I already got the banker draw since week3 so why wait till thursday.

    A draw is a draw regardless of when it was posted.


    Prove 1:

    Previous possition of Queens Pk to draw the following week.


    13. Queens Pk




    13. Queens Pk




    Queens Pk not on coupon


    14. Queens Pk





    13. Queens Pk @home 0-0 No score draw


    13 0-0 No score draw


    14. Queens Pk @away Score draw 1-1


    14. 1-1 Score draw



  • 04 pair 25 this WK 05,2021 as stipulated by Right On Football Fixtures, that any Brown week that a family digit of five is seen at the bottom of the GROUP (B) column of the Yellow patch means that itself and the middle spot for one or two draws reaf.
    WK 05,2020::::::43&35**
    WK 09,2020:::::20**&45
    WK 17,2020::::37**&05
    WK 05,2021:::04&25
    For 1/2 or 2/2
    Thanks admin

  • Each time two team played 4-4, the following week they are inseparable pair
    Ref week 45

  • 37 pair 41
    WK5 CELTIC vs DUNDEE NO37 ??
    ST MIRREN vs HEARTS NO41 ?? THE four teams exchange opponent for must one draw. E g WK 2 no 19xx an 21 FF to WK 3 no 37xx and no 39xx. Wk3 no17f an 19xx to Wk4 no 26xx an 29f

  • PAIR
    Courtesy of SAF with the ever presence of number 3 on box 03 of HSQ ,when this occurs count 4 and 5 down from WK number for your strong pair e.g
    WK 2=5&6√√
    WK 11=14√√&15
    WK 33=36&37√√
    WK 5=8pair9
    Admin Please post for all.

  • My BANKER.IS 41CBK MY COMPURSORY PAIR IS 14xxx and 15xxx
    Pair taken from MOTIVATORS PAPER.D pair at page 3 weekly 1-2-X. Review apear at box with flower and horse at same page down right edge will draw atleast one.

  • ADMIN Am in? i one to prove my sife we my banker well, am Mr,Boytwo.. my banker dis week5 is (14bk) prove, total draws in week4 is 19draws go to game number 19 in dat week4 @home first letter we away first letter u have ur banker 4 dis week5? Dis is da end of it..4weeks.. I prove dis b4 in week4? All use xx14xxbk.. Pair 37?&47? My line up (14.?.?.37.47) i will be back on friday..BIG THANK TO U MY ADMIN, @HEADBOY @IGWE WE good friends in da house, may una go BET 14xxxx BLESS ALL.

  • Welcome to the new season.

    XXXX12XXXBK in week 5.

    The one draw can be successful only in odd year.
    The first appearance of the meeting of Reading/Stoke or vice versa is controlled by so many factors:
    (1)Week 23 2019/2020 English season;
    Stoke Vs Reading=18✓
    Factors to draw the game;
    (a)odd year setting.
    (b)odd week number setting.
    (C)draw game on even number.

    (2) Week 18 2020/2021 English season
    Reading Vs Stoke=ff
    Factors to control the game to fail are reversed of everything of the above to draw.
    (a)Even year setting.
    (b)Even week number setting.
    (C) Failed game on odd number.

    (3) Week 5 of current season.
    All entries for draw game in above (1) have been fulfilled.

    Therefore,it does not take a rocket science to know that number 12XXBK is going to end in stalemate.

  • 18*******pairs******19 since week 01, the first letter of home team and first letter of away team of the second draw to form pair the following week…… my first time of posting on banker box

  • May God help us ooooo

    Since week36 last season till now

    Win Star pepper gives pair for 1 or 2/2 Chai ! !! !!!

    Pair 20-22 must for one draw

    From Winstar movement


    Whenever you see reading set at number 12 away

    1 millwill xxxx
    2 barrow xxxx
    3 Colchester xxxx

    Check wk 10’12’20

    XXX 06 CBK
    Since the 2019/2020 season till date whenever even number is seen at the middle spot of TRADITIONAL”X” column of Pools Telegraph forecast paper in a week of five is a pure draw e.g
    WK 05,2019–XXX 04 CBK√√
    WK 15,2019–XXX 42 CBK√√
    WK 45,2020–XXX 32 CBK√√
    WK 35,2021–XXX 30 CBK√√
    WK 05,2021–XXX 06 CBK??
    God knows better

  • Week05: ••••22XXX39•••••
    Prove from Dreamlands back page, Go by air trio to be moving to paper jolly pairs is compulsory for a draw since week47. Use it in all your copies.
    Last week04 supply.

    I repeated 22must39.

  • Week05:

    Exeter on top forest green at home is for one classical draw on coupon since last seasons.

    26cbk XXXX 27cbk.
    Must pairs or no draw on

  • Welcome to week 05 2021/2022 season
    play No X04X pair No X05X

    Proof,,, in wk 01 (Airdrie) was at home in week of play:
    in week 02 (Airdrie) went to No X13X and drew and also drew No X01X it previous position making it 2/2:
    in week 02 (Alloa) At home in week of play:
    in week 03 (Alloa) went to No X13X and drew and also drew No X02X it previous position .. 2/2
    in week 03 (Dundee) at home in week of play:
    in week 04 it retained desame position digit of 03
    and drew No XX03XX only 1/1:
    Now in week 04 (Hearts) was at No 04 week of play :
    This week 05 Mr (Hearts) supposed to retain digit of 03 as d case maybe rather it went to No 41
    D system has just changed:
    TO draw
    No X04X
    OR Pair
    No X05X

    Admin thanks

  • Week05: {{{22XXXX23}}}
    Mark with authority 22XXXX23 for only one draw. Every week05 Sunderland and Shrewsbury ontop each home or away to vomit one good draw.

    compulsory pairs.22 and 23.

    Bet 22= 50,000k
    Bet 23= 50,000k

    NB:Last week04 I told everyone to bet 34 and 47 single with each 50,000k which 34xxx drew 2-2. Congratulate to those that use it .

  • Week05:*****30XXXX46
    Use 46 or 30 for a draw
    Editor tips pair in side Dreamlands paper is producing one draw every week if it carry to Harold pairs at the back of the paper

  • Please play n appreciate my winning line for week 5 (16,21,25,30,35) prove Anytime Man. City is on no.1 away bank on Rotherham, Carlisle, Cheltenham, Mansfield,stevenage for draws, good luck admin please approved.

  • MARK
    10 pair 47
    Pools Telegraph page 2 NATURAL (A) pair is for one or two draws every WK of 5’s from WK 15,2020 till date ref
    WK 15,2020
    WK 25,2020
    WK 35,2021
    WK 45,2021
    WK 05,2021
    If you want to win this weekend go for number 10xxx single bet and number 47xxx single bet then shear your testimony by Monday, thanks admin please approve.

  • I am always on this site but though i dont talk always. This may be my third time am posting here. I present number 13xx with a simple prove, since 2017, every week 05, mark first letter of away team on number 7 for a fix draw. Another banker is number 01xx, since 2014 that Leicester enter Premier league, any week 05 that Leicester appear on coupon and sit at home, it is a classified draw but if at away, it will fail. you can use 13xx and 01xx as a pair. I shall be active here this season.


  • This is my first time in this room,pls soccer x research is giving out one banker starting from week 2 my bank is 23cbk go to soccer x research down right side where you will fine BEWARE game 7 is giving out one sure draw, thanks my humble admin i dey greet ooooooo

  • My banker this week 5 is no. 12
    Use 12xx any time mancity is in no. 1
    Stoke city vs reading for a fixed draw

    These are my winning line
    PAIR 7,12,30,41,49

    My second banker no. 41xx
    Prove week 4 home win hearts vs celtic
    Hearts to draw in away this week 5 whether u like it or not
    Admin pls approve
    My name still remain hoppy
    And am here to make u win
    I come in peace

  • appearance of Mancity @ No1 away, Middlesboro @ No 7 away,
    Bank on 4xxxxxx pair 5xxxxx by No provided Nottmfrst to be on week of play
    Ref wk 4 2018
    last week pair 6xx pair 10xx

    4xxxxxxx pair 5xxxxxx for at least 1 draw

  • WEEK 05 BOB MORTON Front page, there is a place called “THE JOKER PAIR”, In week 51 Numbers 9F and 45F were there and failed the following week the digits that appeared there were two draws i.e 11XXX 43XXX. Now in week 4, 9F and 45F this week 5 what comes there is 14XX and 42XX for two draws.
    CAPITAL INTERNATIONAL page two, the two bold numbers written at league tables, in week 47 their first home teams letters were the same i.e B and B they were two draws 2XXX and 13XXX. This week 05 the numbers also has the same first home teams letters i.e C and C and could also be two draws 14XXX and 25XXX. Now you can NAP
    Admin Please Post.

  • My NAP is *4 * 14* 25*
    The prove goes like this Milton k d under the bar away carrying letter B.
    Week 4
    Bournemouth vs Milton kd @21 2+1= 3xxx
    Bournemouth 10 letters on coupon
    Milton kd 8 letters on coupon
    Future position of Milton kd to draw. That is number 13xxx

    Week 5
    Bolton vs Milton kd @ 13. 1+3=4xxxx
    Bolton 6 letters on coupon
    Milton kd 8 letters on coupon
    6+8= 14xxxx
    Future position of Milton kd to draw which is 25xxx

  • mancherster city at number one away every week 5 play 20–36– draw locate millwall to play draw bolton w to play draw sheff wed to play draw scunthope to play draw . ref 2017 week 5 2018 week 5 and 2021 week 5 play 20–36–10–13–15–34 6/6

  • I thank God Almighty for his grace,love,favour,provision,wisdom and mercy…down to business.. Pls Mr Admin approve.
    Notice Notice Notice pls this banker/pair,it will never fail by God’s grace ,amen.
    Week05 XXX1XXX
    N:- XXX1XXX
    A:- XXX19XXX
    P:- XXX38XXX
    Prove:- for 1 lastseason wk08 arsenal v liverpool @1 last letas h/a( L:L drew at no xxx1xxx scoreline 1:1… this season leichester city v man city @1 last h/a letas (y:y) to draw 1:1 ft.
    Prove 2:- for no 1 check capital where u ve cant draw last wk no 3 drew in that position and this wk is no 1 thats there.
    Prove:- for my pair,leta [email protected] 1 home (l=12)1down 13 and leta [email protected] away(m=13) plue wk no 5+13=18 ans 1down 19 to pair with 13
    Prove:- for 19..seperation of my 13 pair 19 the no of lastwk draw was 19,locate [email protected] 19 h/a first letas plue it together to draw.
    Prove for 38,locate [email protected] zero numbers.. Hibernian to draw ref 2019 ..the first time it came,it was 40,the second time 30 and now [email protected]
    Prove:- 4 previous week of play to draw in current week of play God Almighty will surely help us all with a favourable resultz amen..
    pls play all,it will never fail by God’s grace..,amen. pls play and appreciate,my rent is due,i need money..God bless u all…Mr Admin thanks a million for having me.I rest my cast.

  • Xxxxxxxx16xxxxxxX
    Add the digits of the number at cannot draw front page of Capital and take ur answer to full list. Mark the number there-in to draw.
    Since wk2..
    SOCCER.. (Watch this)
    CANNOT DRAW back page of soccer.
    Mark xxxx16xxx
    Ignore me to your own peril.


    Appearance of Sunderland vs Wigan on coupon list. Milton K @ away under the bar, Leyton O @ away in the same family with Wigan. Mark position of Aberdeen and one up from position of Morecambe @ away for 1 or 2 draws. Ref

    WK 22 Sunderland vs Wigan @ 33 2020/21
    WK 22 41XX/49XX 2020/21

    WK 05 Sunderland vs Wigan @ 23 2021/22
    WK 05 XX19XX/XX39XX



  • Greetings all,d last time I dropped games here I said ‘ if d game fail/cut I will stop keeping games’, but so sad it played 2/3 so I stopped.
    But this week5 I have for this blog one SUREST DRAW NO
    31✓✓✓✓BK(FINITO DRAW)why I keep d remaining 3draws,& i remain JOHN AIRTEL ,pls ADM approve for d benefit of those that knows d value of ONE SURE
    WK6 BANK ON 37×××bk thanks

  • Am Back For Good And I Welcomed You All, I Wish You All Happy Winning This Week 5,

    And I Will Assure All My Fans Every Week Winning Pairs By The Grace Of God.

    PROVE 23 p 24
    If Carlisle is At HOME Two Games On Top Of It From Pairs

    Admin Prove For The Benefit Of The Blog.

    Admin May God Bless You And Protect You Against Every Evil In Jesus Name Amen.

  • 11 PAIR 48
    Right on football fixtures COMPILERS FINAL FOUR section second game on Brown coupon is to draw again if it drew in the previous Brown colour REF : wks.21&25, wks.41&45 and also wks.01&05 respectively.so for WK 05,2021 mark 11 PAIR 48 for one or two draws, admin please post.

  • The key says, when ever Blackpool set at number 3 away on Brown colour you bank on Shrewsbury and Crawley for one draw (22 pair 29) Ref:week 9 2019/2020.
    Winning Line 2*6*22*29*36*41 for 4/6.
    Admin please approve,Thanks

  • To everyone one in this platform I greet u benevolently, welcome u all to week 5 , I present to u 27xxx as a result, …my prove goes this way, capital research quiz box game 12 count 3 up that number must be taking to game 31 rated xxxx27xxxx is a result.. admin please take note,jahovah bless our hustle..

  • ✔️3CBK✔️ TO
    Burton @22
    Wigan @23
    No.3 @game 13 of treble jinx to draw
    Ref: week 15 2020, week 5 2021


  • x04x

    The meeting of Q.P.R vs Millwall plays itself as a banker draw (cbk.10) and at least 3 from 4 other calculated numerical values. Pls, dnt joke with those digits.

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