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Week 46 Pool Dead Games 2021 – Drop Your Cannot Draw Here

Week 46 pool dead games 2021, Week 46 pool dead games room for Sat 22 May 2021

We appreciate all of our esteemed visitors who devote their time to contribute in this forum weekly. Sure Bet way Pools is absolutely grateful and thankful to you all.

Here in this room we are to post our POOL DEAD GAMES/CANNOT DRAW for every week of play. The reason for this room is to further adjust the possibilities of our visitors and members of this great forum to fail and increase our winning chances every week. More also it also creates us a chance where by we can stake our dead games online in betting online and pool agents such as bet9ja,  betking and others bookies. All of this scheme is to ensure that we carefully separate the dead games from the live draws in the 49 football pools fixtures as published by the football pools panels.

PS. That majority of the CANNOT draws posted if not carefully analyzed and studied will end up among the draws of the week. Please, lets ensure we verify our sequence before we post for each week.

Instead of posting more than 10 dead games which will end up producing three or more draws, why not post, just two or three dead games that will result to 0/3? I believe people will appreciate you more for that. Right? and to the viewers, see; you cannot have everything on a platter of gold. Try and study every proof you see here before deciding whether to use or rather abandon the particular number or not. If you are not convinced enough to use the pools dead games posted by any contributor, simply skip the comment without causing any causality.


NOTE: Be informed that the admin does not approve comments countering any posted dead game, you are to attach a proof to any dead game you post, else your comment will be considered for approval. We don’t want everyone to litter here with plate numbers in the name of dead games. Please post only dead games with concrete proof so that anyone that has it as banker may decide to either play or leave it. Also, we will no longer approve anyone posting more than 5 dead games. Please we want your best only. This thread is strictly for cannot draws, if you’re not comfortable with the comments, help yourself and abstain from visiting it.


On a final note do not buy games from any member of this blog if it is not approved in our Weekly Pools NAP Market: It is the only approved center where a visitor can but games from an advertiser with the admin been the negotiator for the partnership. Hence, if failure or success occurs the visitor will be in a safe hands. Be warned!


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  • Week45 I kill No:01 ffff

    Week46 01&02 ffff

    Since this season
    Arsenal on top Aston V ffff

    Check all current season records

  • 5FF, 10FF

    WK 12
    TOTTENHAM Vs Newcastle 6XX
    WK 33
    MAN UTD Vs Newcastle 6FF

    WK 18
    West Brom Vs TOTTENHAM 8FF
    WK 32
    West Brom Vs MAN UTD 8XX

    WK 30
    Arsenal Vs MAN UTD 1XX
    WK 36
    Arsenal Vs TOTTENHAM 1FF

    WK 42
    Leeds Vs MAN UTD 3XX
    WK 44
    Leeds Vs TOTTENHAM 3FF

    WK 25
    Leicester Vs MAN UTD 5XX
    Wolves Vs TOTTENHAM 10XX

    WK 46
    Leicester Vs TOTTENHAM 5FF
    Wolves Vs MAN UTD 10FF

    On Blue WKs, Any Number Carrying 07% In SOCCER RESEARCH Has Only Drawn If It Is PORTSMOUTH.
    Ref: WKs 10,34.

    WK 12
    Watford Vs Luton 18FF
    WK 41
    Luton Vs Watford 9FF
    WK 13
    Middlesbro Vs Barnsley 14FF
    WK 40
    Barnsley Vs Middlesbro 7FF
    WK 25
    Aston V Vs Crystal P 2FF
    WK 45
    Crystal P Vs Aston V 4FF
    WK 26
    Tottenham Vs Leeds 6FF
    WK 44
    Leeds Vs Tottenham 3FF
    WK 28
    Inter Milan Vs Juventus 18FF
    Sampdoria Vs Udinese 20FF
    WK 45
    Juventus Vs Inter Milan 36FF
    Udinese Vs Sampdoria 40FF
    WK 29
    Juventus Vs Bologna 16FF
    WK 46
    Bologna Vs Juventus 32FF

    …….More To Follow.

  • Right-on-football
    Compiler x game at 9-10-11 to fail for the third time
    B. Dotmond
    Sampdoria to fail also
    Bayern Munich
    Cagliaro and Leceister to fail

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